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**This website has been given to the community of Moore, OK for community disaster recovery. Our team will provide support and training for all local organizers. If you are a local organizer or church/nonprofit in the area helping coordinate aid PLEASE CONTACT or (413) 219-5613 to be set up as an administrator.

All volunteers and donation items reported through this site are for use solely by the community of Moore. The site will belong to them after first responders go home.

Please let Moore know what you can do. If you have needs, let your community know how it can help you. **


  • I am an RN, pedi/neonatal, how could I help?

    Karonbing "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Where do i go to help search

    grape.ape.908 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I'm a CNA with CPR AED and First Aid certification, I want to help where do I go

    Josepheaston "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I am a physical therapist with my first responder certification? Where should I go to help search?

    daniellecox2104 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • A lot of posts here I am an RN available to to help. Where can we respond to...

    christain.kotoucek "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Im also an RN and have two other friends with me that are RN's just let us know what we need to do, very eager to help in any way.

    LaciBrown "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Experienced EMT here, BLS, AED, etc. If I can help please contact me @ 405-806-0833!

    venihansen "(over 8 years ago)"
  • can fix just about anything good with electrical, plumbing, construction, debri removal, willing to do whatever it takes

    paul.kaseman.5 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I'm a chef with a mobile kitchen"30 feet. I'm for hire if there is a need to supply volunteers or feed homeless. Will work 24/7. Chef bob chefbobhenry@Comcast. Net

    robert.g.henry "(over 8 years ago)"
  • We have a trailer full of water,powerade, Gatorade. Where do we drop off? Dog and cat food as well?

    americadudley "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Also an RN, me and my husband would love to help. Please let us know what to do!

    nichole1797 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Another RN, with BLS and ACLS certification. Plan to come to the area Sunday, June 2nd with coolers full of water, gatorade and snacks as well as able bodied workers. Let me know what we can do to help.

    janet.trowbridge.9 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I am an LPN and want to help

    feistymom522 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I am a school counselor plus I am able to do manual labor!

    wayant "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and want to help anyway I can.

    kim_np "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I'm an RN out of Dallas and want to help in any way that I can. I've registered as a volunteer on this site....

    heikecombs "(over 8 years ago)"
  • RN ready to work hard! Who do I contact or how do I volunteer for search and rescue/treatment opportunities? I have created a volunteer profile on this page. Rachael, RN - Email -

    rchlcranford "(over 8 years ago)"
  • OU Housing and Food Services is providing housing and food for displaced families. Call 405-325-2511 or come to Walker Tower 126.

    Want to volunteer? Contact 405-325-4020. Our dedicated housing employees are manning the phones.

    hester.brown.7 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • My friend who is connected with EMT says they are allowing emergency medical personnel on site with scrubs and ID verifying medical documentation (nurse, doctor, etc) please contact norman police department city of moore police dept to verify if this is true.

    hester.brown.7 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I called the City of Moore, Ok PD and he said that everything they have going on right now is through the Red Cross and to contact them. Does anyone know their local contact information?

    rchlcranford "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Sorry, typo on email address. I'm a school counselor and able bodied. Can help any way it is needed.

    wayant "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I am a preschool teacher in Dallas who is good with kids, cooking, and manual labor who wants to help. Please let me know how to help, I am available on weekends and am only a few hours away.

    Krrr8 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I am a retired Chief of Police. I will take any assignment. I can be there by Monday. Please contact at

    janwright20 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • What about someone coming from say Ohio? Is there a place to stay and what about food? The only place I could find that offered those things was a major religious organization who wanted you to represent them while you were out helping. I'm not comfortable with that I just want to come and do anything I can to help. Can someone please email me at ?

    sarah.gaugh "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Please keep me updated, we are filling up a can full of clothing, food, water and toiletries and we would like to know where to drop off in Moore and also what we can volunteer in that day. Please email me at

    Salvadorena126 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I have a truck, trailer, skidloader and men available for metal removal. Denise 620-6325

    mclennandenise "(over 8 years ago)"
  • My husband & I are registered and wanting to know where to go in the Shawnee/Dale area to set up our mobile kitchen to serve food to the workers & whoever else needs it. Please contact us @ or call: 405-570-5697. Thank you! We need a days notice so we can get food supplies ready!

    patty.crockett.9 "(over 8 years ago)"
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