Verizon Wireless Support Units

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Mobile Support From the Verizon Wireless News Page:

Verizon Wireless Mobile Support Unit

A 53-foot mobile support unit to for residents of Moore and surrounding areas will be located at the Red Cross Shelter located at 201 S Howard in Moore, OK. This unit is equipped with emergency phones, charging stations and internet capability.

Verizon Wireless Mobile Command Center

A mobile command center will be available to support public safety officials co-located with the FEMA command center in Moore, OK.

Verizon Wireless Charging Stations

Verizon Wireless is deploying multiple charging stations to central Oklahoma. Charging stations are equipped with emergency phones, Internet access, laptop computers and charging capability. Locations for these charging stations are:

  • Red Cross Shelter located at 201 S Howard in Moore, OK
  • Home Depot parking lot in Moore, OK – SW 19th and Telephone Road
  • Shawnee High School – 1001 North Kennedy in Shawnee, OK


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