Donations Needed -- Newcastle Tornado Shelter

posted over 8 years ago by Chris Labels: donations drop-off-locations
This update is over 30 days old.

The following supplies are needed at the Newcastle Storm Shelter (901 N Carr Dr, Newcastle, OK):

  • Plus-Sized Clothing (other sizes not needed)
  • Pillows / Bedding / Plastic Pillowcases
  • Medical Supplies
  • Toys


  • I can put together some gently-used, clean, women's plus-sized clothing this evening. How can I get it to where it can best be used or accessed?

    judy.cain.505 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Hi Judy - you can try to send directly to the Newcastle Storm Shelter. Otherwise, you can check back here or for more information on places accepting ladies plus size clothing. Thank you for your help!

    caitria "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Okay, thanks. I will at least pull them together tonight. I think getting there might be difficult right now. I could certainly meet someone around the Love's on Hwy 9 or such.

    judy.cain.505 "(over 8 years ago)"
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