Baby Supplies for Yellow Rose Theater

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Yellow Rose Theater at 1005 S.W. Moore revival for christ. Needs Diapers, wipes formula of all sorts, bottles, all kinds of baby furniture i.e. beds, swings, bouncers, carseats, strollers, double strollers, toddler carseats. Baby, infant and toddler clothing and shoes. Baby bedding, blankets and anything baby that you can think of please bring it to this location. Or if you are out of town let us know. Thank you


  • I can get some baby stuff.. I would just be late today(friday) or early tomorrow (saturday) when I can get up there to drop them off and help w anything there is that I can do.

    Josie1024 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Do you have any special formulas that are needed? My son is tube fed and I'm a member of a tube feeding, elemental and allergy friendly formula group online. The people would be out of town but willing to mail in the formulas if there were any of those types needed. Elecare infant/jr, peptamin, pediasure those types of formulas. Also could get tube feeding supplies mailed in if those were needed. Just let me know. You can also email me cmcdonk at gmail dot com

    cmcdonk "(over 8 years ago)"
  • I will be sending boys clothes for a 2/3 year old from Queens NY.

    STecza "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Hi. I'm with the Oklahoma City Disaster Relief at Trinity and we have loads of baby items. We are currently focusing on sending teams out to clean up and not so much on the distribution of items. We are loaded up like a supply house and need to find a place to get our donated items to so they can be distributed more effectively. We would love to be in contact so we can each focus on our mail goal. Our number here is 759-1900 Thanks so much. "(over 8 years ago)"
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