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The Computer Rescue Team can help people recover digital data, such as family photos and other personal files, from devices damaged in the recent tornados that struck Oklahoma. Devices include items such as desktop, laptop and tablet computers, cell phones, digital cameras, etc.

It is important for cleanup and rescue personnel to know that, if they come across computer-type digital devices, they should handle them carefully and set them aside for further examination.

Computers and other damaged devices may be dropped off at the Moore Public Library, 225 S Howard Ave, Moore, OK 73160. Call Brenda Johnson at (405) 793-4349 for more information.

Here's a link to a news story about what we're doing:

and a notice posted by the library system

When people come across devices that have gotten wet, especially desktop and laptop computer hard drives, they should NOT attempt to dry them out. They should be left wet and sealed in a plastic bag. This is to prevent oxidation and keep them from rusting.


  • Actually that number will call the main Information Desk, no need to ask for Brenda specifically - any of our fine library staff can talk about the drop off process!

    Pioneer_Library_System "(over 8 years ago)"
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