We want to adopt a nursing home!

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We want to adopt a nursing home that was affected in or near Moore, OK. We want to send medical supplies and comfort supplies to them. Was one facility or more affected? We may also be sending clinical and medical personnel.

My name is Rev. Vonnie Coleman. I am a First Responder with the ARC in the Spirit Care Division. I am also the Director of the Compassion Fund based out of Louisville, KY. The Compassion Fund is funded through Signature HealthCARE. We have hospitals, acute care centers, and nursing homes throughout the SouthEast USA.

Thank you for your understanding of our need to be responsive. God bless your work. Vonnie Coleman work 502-568-7754 cell 502-438-6130 email vcoleman@signaturehealthcarellc.com website www.thecompassionfund.org personal cell 727-492-7009


  • What kind of volunteer services could you use?

    Dmastalir@cox.net "(over 8 years ago)"
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