Attention Those Who Have Lost or Found Animals and Livestock in the Affected Areas

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For found animals, Home Depot at 650 SW 19th St is serving as the central hub for turning in animals. Please deliver rescued animals to the east entrance of Home Depot from 8am-10pm.The animals taken to this location will be relocated to a shelter where their description will be entered into a database, they will be examined by a veterinarian and held until their owners come to claim them.

For lost animals, owners can call the Lost Animal Hotline at (405) 837-7240 and give a description of their lost pet that will be put into a central database to be compared with the descriptions of found pets.

Working through the Lost Animal Hotline is the most efficient way to return animals to their owners- through this system, the volunteers can work through one central database and match the descriptions of the found animals with the lost animals to ensure the most timely and effective way of reuniting people with their furry loved ones.


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