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In collaboration with Oklahoma Emergency Management, will be transitioning services to assist in the Long-Term Recovery Effort. We're not shutting down the website, but new Donations, Needs, and Volunteer registrations will be directed off-site. Existing Donations, Needs, and Volunteers will not be affected and will continue to be managed by local organizers within the site.

SURVIVORS WITH UNMET NEEDS: If you have UNMET NEEDS, please call Heartline 2-1-1 by dialing ‘211’ on your phone.

DONORS: If you want to DONATE, please register with Aid Matrix Network by clicking the “I Want to Give” button. •Once on the site, select “Oklahoma” from the state drop-down box or map •On the next page, you can select “Financial Support” (for monetary donations) or “Product Donations” (for item donations) •On the Product Donation page, select the “Donate” button to make a general offer. •Once your donation is added into the database, volunteer agencies and other organizations can see it and will contact you if your donation meets an individual’s or organization’s need

VOLUNTEERS: If you want to VOLUNTEER, please register with United Way of OKC by clicking the “I Want to Volunteer” button. After registering, you can search for volunteer opportunities on the “Opportunity Calendar,” “Special Events,” or “Browse Organizations.”


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